Update 3

After the feedback in the comment section, as of 2022/07/16 the latest version of the iOS version, the shielding plug-in in the article download link can still be used normally.

In view of the unstable update of the BigBoss source, it is recommended to use the first version of the plug-in inside the article download link.

What happened

On 2021-12-22 at 14:00, the Genshin Impact on the iOS also started to detect the jailbroken device, prompting “Data abnormal, please log in again”.

 Official Warning


I searched for keywords on GitHub and found a foreign brother who had released a jailbreak plugin six days ago.


The original author mistakenly misspelled the name of the Genshin Impact’s package in China as follows:

 Error Code


Original code:

{ Filter = { Bundles = ( "com.miHoYo.GenshinImpact", "com.miHoYo.Yanshen" ); }; }

Correction to:

{ Filter = { Bundles = ( "com.miHoYo.GenshinImpact", "com.miHoYo.Yuanshen" ); }; }

I unpacked and modified the deb package packed by the original author and recompiled it for distribution, doing a small and insignificant thing.


By my test, the Genshin Impact national service has been able to run normally, the international service to be tested.

Test Equipment:

Model: 12mini

iOS version: 14.2.1

Jailbreak software: unc0ver


Lanzou Cloud


Github iVoider

Update 1

The author has uploaded a maintenance plugin on BigBoss source called 原神(国服)屏蔽越狱 . It has been tested and works fine, please go ahead and download and install it directly.

Update 2

The plugin has been renamed to 原神防越狱检测 .