Model: 12mini

System: iOS 14.2.1

Software: unc0ver

Store: cydia + zebra


Some self-contained sources and some development sources are not listed.


Paid plug-ins in the case of their own ability or recommended to pay to support the author, thank them for their efforts. As the majority of paid plug-ins are outside the region, you can register PayPal bound domestic card use.

  • App Hider: Hide the app
  • iCleaner Pro: Clean up junk and troubleshoot plug-ins
  • Filza: powerful file manager, direct install deb and ipa
  • Fake GPS Pro: virtual positioning, simulated Wi-Fi
  • h2: A comprehensive plug-in
  • Snapper2 + Snapper2 CC Toggle: powerful screenshot plugin
  • NiceCaller: system call enhancement, common window calls
  • Crane: Alternative Multi-opening Plugin
  • CopyLog: Clipboard management enhancement
  • Flex 3: System Enhancement Artifact
  • InstaLauncher 2: Slide sideways to open the software
  • Aemulo: nfc enhancement, simulating non-encrypted cards added to wallets
  • Some paid plugins from Cold Rain Source

Free Plugin

  • AppSync Unified: Turn off system signature verification and install ipa
  • QQ Purification: QQ Enhancement
  • WeChat purification: WeChat opens Callkit and more
  • PerfectGrabber: Game mode pull down to show power time
  • PullClearNC: Pull down to clear all notifications
  • Many other software optimization plugins in Netskao
  • Shuffle: Setting up plug-in categorization
  • StoreSwitcher 2: App Store quick account switching
  • AppStore++: App Store enhancement, mainly download old versions
  • VideoAdsSpeed: for those who can’t block ads and disguise speeding up skipping
  • Choicy, A-Bypass, Shadow: Blocking Jailbreak
  • Eyeplugs: notification blocking, similar to the Android game mode in the message do not disturb
  • Safari Plus: Bring your own browser enhancements
  • Tranzlo: translation plugin, free and powerful
  • CrackTool4: Crack part of the paid plug-ins
  • CyDown: cydia enhancements and paid plugins crack
  • Shortmoji 2: Native Input Method Enhancement

To be updated

The list of plugins will be updated all the time, and the quality plugins I use will be updated and uploaded from time to time.